Kusadasi is located approximately 75 kilometers south of the airport and 90 km from the center of Izmir `s away. Kusadasi, the bird island, is located on the Turkish Aegean.

In the port regularly go the world's largest cruise ships at anchor as well as ferries to the nearby Greek island of Samos. Sailboats also create here, e.g. at the pier to the castle island. The hotels in this relatively new resort is modern and comfortable.

The beaches are sandy and fall gently into the sea.

Visiting the many attractions of the region lend themselves easily accessible include the ancient Ephesus, the wonder of the world Temple of Artemis and the chalk terraces of Pamukkale.

Meryem ana / Mother Mary

Meryem ana evi (Turkish for House of Virgin Mary) is the supposed last residence and place of death of Mary, Mother of Jesus (Meryem ana) near the ancient city of Ephesus. The house is located about 7 km from Selçuk away on Nightingale Mountain (Bulbul Dagi). Below the apartment building springs a source.

Today's worship goes back to visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich on the final home and the grave of the mother of Jesus. According to her notes of the Superior of the Vincentians in Smyrna 1891 a Commission sent to Ephesus, which was actually a ruined house all the way to the visionary description.

The ruins of Ephesus are well-preserved ruins of St. Mary's Church, the second on a Roman basilica Century BC is declining. In this church took place 431 the Council of Ephesus, which the title of Mary as "Theotokos", "Mother of God" confirmed.

1896 Pope Leo XIII declared Mary home to the shrine. His successor, Pius X. , Granted to the pilgrims and pilgrims a complete drain of punishments [2]. 1960 to the Purification / Candlemas / Presentation of the Lord sent Pope John XXIII. a special candle for the home. These candles will be sent only to the most important Marian shrines.


Where once one of the 7 Wonders of the World was, today only the foundations of the Mausoleum of Bodrum seen. The monumental marble grave, the Artemisia in the 4th Century BC. built for her husband Mausolus made, the building boom of the Crusaders survived the 15th Century, unfortunately, since they needed the huge marble blocks for the construction of the castle of St. Peter.

Some of them are still visible in the city walls. To experience the mausoleum to its original splendor, make sure your visitors content themselves with elaborate models and drawings that are on display at the same location.

King Mausolus had built the mausoleum for his wife Artemisia. This memorial was in antiquity as one of the 7 wonders of the world. This 42 meter high monument has a magnificent temple stands on a high foundation, is surrounded by 36 columns, and an ionic style is similar. On the temple is built in a pyramid with 24 steps. At the very top are the marble statues of Mausolus and Artemis, which are on a four-horse wagon.

The mausoleum was surrounded earlier with a marble wall. Large parts of the wall were found during the excavations in recent years. The length of the north wall was 242 meters and 105 meters to the east.