Alanya is popular not only in summer but also in winter in European retirees who flee from the wet and cold Europe in order to spend the winter in the sun. Climatically, the winter is mild and frost-free in any case. Mild temperatures between 15 and 18 degrees here before December to April.

Nowhere else the Taurus Mountains in Turkey are as close as here in Alanya. Alanya real estate prices, unlike other European countries are still affordable. Meanwhile, more than 13,000 Europeans in Alanya, so that the English and the German language is very common. The city also offers a wide selection of newspapers published in different languages.

The red tower is considered as the most attractive architectural sight of Alanya. It is a powerful, octagonal, 33-foot tower that overlooks a lovely garden.

The construction of the red tower was commissioned by Alaadin Keykubat, the Seljuk sultan, in 1226 in order. His name "Kizil" (red) because he got the red bricks that were used to build. "Kizil Kule" is built 33 meters high and octagonal five floors. Particular the costumes of the Ottoman period, hand-woven textiles and hand-made looms in the region can be seen.

The peninsula on which is located the castle was, because of its inaccessible location from the sea and from land, inhabited throughout history constantly. Recently there has been by the Seljuks built a monumental castle, which is now available in all its glory.

In fact, the Alanya Castle is the finest and most robust among the Anatolian strongholds. On the castle walls, the total length reaches 6500 m, there are 140 bastions. The towers and bastions, which are entirely made of stone and mortar, have loopholes machicolations and walkways to facilitate the defense by soldiers.

The ancient shipyard, which was built in the period of Sultan Keykubat has 5 docks, a width of 7 m and a depth of about 43 m. It was built two years after the "Red Tower".