Fantastically beautiful Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus, particularly by its characteristic white houses. Bodrum houses are unthinkable without Bougainvilla
The bay, recently added to the illustrious circle of the most beautiful bays in the world, is dominated by the symbol of Bodrum, which is situated on a small peninsula in the port city of massive Castle of St Peter. It was built by the Knights in the 15th century It is now one of the best-run museums in Turkey.

The town center of Bodrum today is the picturesque neighborhood around the harbor, where crowd bazaar-like shops, bars and restaurants. The main artery is the Cumhuriyet Caddesi, which runs approximately parallel to the beach. This is a pedestrianized showcase known as "Bar Street". Souvenir shops of all kinds, but also leather and jewelery shops are here endlessly strung together. Shops where they are invited to act according to your heart's content.

Near Bodrum you will find much to see, the vibrant life of the markets, regsame crafts and folklore, everything is to reach quickly with the "dolmus", the Turkish Community taxi.

Sailors are magically drawn from Bodrum has always been. Before the picturesque backdrop of the city and the harbor in the Marina hundreds of boats are moored. Here in Bodrum are still using traditional methods in many small shipyards, the Tersanes that for this area so typical wooden vessels built gulets, entirely by hand. Bodrum is also the ideal starting point for a "Blue Voyage".

Bodrum was founded under the name of Halicarnassus that the Carian ruler Mausolus (377-353 BC) made it the capital of his empire. His magnificent grave was one of the seven wonders. In the Middle Ages the Knights of Rhodes had a foothold here. They built the fort, but the mausoleum used as a quarry.
Also worth seeing are the Myndos Gate, once fought by Alexander the Great and the Amphi Theatre. From here you have the best view at sunset Bodrum.

The Milas-Bodrum Airport is accessible by the new four-lane coastal road only 40 km in half an hour from Bodrum.
Although the beach town of Bodrum is not very inviting, it can still be out of town find many beautiful beaches - for example, in the 2 km North Bay near Gumbet, or right next to Bitez. Especially for children, the vast flat beaches of the Bodrum peninsula and the many coves are a huge adventure playground. Tide Free, crystal clear and warm, the Aegean is here. Not only snorkelers and divers will find so many passionate uncharted reef.

As the center of Bodrum Boheme moves with his lively and friendly atmosphere and many small galleries in many a survivor. The evenings in Bodrum, you can enjoy one of the many restaurants and eat fresh fish and other Turkish specialties. And then lures the vibrant nightlife. Many bars and nightclubs now shorten the time until sunrise. Bodrum is no coincidence therefore also the "St. Tropez" Turkey called.