Natural stone is a fascinating building material. This natural product impresses with its beauty, diversity and resilience. In all areas of construction there are natural stones:  

In the house e.g.: bath rooms, flooring, staircases. At home:  roof, front and around the house:  garden, terrace,   pavements. The benefits that are available for the use of natural stone are versatile, here there are only a few known.

On one hand, the global large range of natural stone taken a strong influence on prices at which also makes evident by Turkish natural stone suppliers, on the other hand a growing awareness that there is no more environmentally friendly alternative.

Construction decision with consequences! Contrary to popular opinion, natural stone is not much more expensive than fine stone. Long-term natural stone for flooring is cheaper than other floor coverings (e.g. laminate, wood or fine stone) because of its durability and its low maintenance. This resulted in studies that dealt with the price / performance ratio of different flooring.

Ecologically! In modern times met a natural stone not only the price and decorative requirements, but is essential when it comes to saving energy. Natural stones have the excellent attribute that the heat which is generated by a floor heating quickly store and deliver long term.

Thus, not only allows the shoring savings, but also the energy costs can be reduced significantly. Other benefits are the individual realization of your living rooms or adding value to your property represent.

In millions of years grown and thus unique in color, pattern, texture and radiance. Ecologically exemplary - with its diverse resources, through its environmentally positive product cycle, from mining to recycling.

All around healthy living, he creates an excellent climate, natural without any chemical interference

Building physical high quality, with natural, long-lasting protection.

The variety of designs for architecture, design, art and culture is inexhaustible. Natural stone sets the tone - solid, delicate and individually.

Natural stone offers architects, builders and handle almost unlimited design possibilities.

Natural stone can be combined with the other materials and meets the highest quality criteria.

Natural stone turned facades, stairs, furniture, outdoor facilities or wells to distinctive aesthetic accents. It is characterized by:

- High quality and durability

- Organic, healthy construction

- Timeless, individual design options

- Representative, broad impression

- Good air exchange

- Easy to clean and resistant

- Use for indoor and outdoor use

- Economically attractive building materials

- Each one is unique in color, pattern and texture