Buying procedere

If you decide to buy a property, a written purchase contract will be concluded. On this contract you usually pay 20% of the purchase price. The balance will be paid on tapu transfer. The Buyer grants the Company a notarized power of attorney authorizing it to make all necessary applications, applications and registrations such as tax code, electricity, water, telephone and entry in the land register on behalf of the interested party. Application for ownership override in the register office (land register / Tapuamt) and entry in the land register (Tapu).

For registration are required: For the buyer: 2 new passport photos of the buyer and 2 ID card copies The current address in the home of the buyer and the name of the father and the tax number For the seller: 1 new passport photo from the seller, 2 ID card copies, address and tax number It is the official entry in the land register (Tapu Register). A legally required sworn interpreter for your mother tongue determines the protocol and verbally confirms to you which position and characteristics the acquired object has. After that, you will receive the original excerpt from the Tapus (Proof of Ownership). On request, the Tapu can also be translated in writing. Only the official entry on the land registry ensures that you are the new owner.

Besides the one-time costs of the land transfer tax, there are a few other one-time costs. These costs are as follows:

- Submission fees for TAPU (Land Registry and Cadastre Office) approx. € 250.00

- Sworn interpreter (required by law) approx. 50,00 €

- Notary fees (power of attorney) for routine applications such as electricity and water about 50.00 € - 70.00 €

- Electricity and water registrations at first use: about 150,00 € per registration (depending on the municipality + property)

- Electricity notification: from about 40,00 € (depending on municipality + property)

- Water report: from about 35,00 € (depending on municipality + property) Iskan (Wohnberechtigungsschein) only for first occupancy and if it is not yet available: from about 700.00 €

Buy your property from us, we also help you with the issue of your tax number at the tax office, the opening of a bank account, etc. We offer this service to you free of charge.

In 10 steps safe to the holiday home:

1- You look at our objects on our website or other online publications, maybe you will also find something directly in our office and can be given by phone, fax or e-mail more detailed information on the objects in question.

2-If you wish, we will include you in our mailing list and inform you promptly about new items that fit into your "search profile".

3-If you have found something, make an appointment with us.

4-We will pick you up from the airport, your hotel or your place of residence in and around Alanya or you will come to our office. First, we discuss the "program" of our leadership to the individual objects together.

5-We show you the objects and answer your questions.

6-After the appointment, we give you time to come to a decision, which you can tell us by phone or in the office. If you still want to see other objects, we are happy to make another appointment.

7-If you choose one of our offers, we will make a legally binding purchase agreement with you. We can also reserve an object for you.

8-We apply to the land registry for entry into the land register (Tapu).

9-Once the Tapu is back in Alanya on the land registry with permission, we will inform you and take either on your behalf (with a notary power of attorney) the Tapu or you come to Alanya and take the Tapu itself.

10-If you have your tapu and the keys to your apartment or house in your hands, our work is not over yet. Of course, we will help you to register for water-electricity telephone subscriptions and residence permits. Buy or sell legal information about real estate in Turkey Most of the interested people buy or sell an object in Turkey for the first time. Therefore, it is normal, even for Germans of Turkish origin, that knowledge about the legal process is lacking. That is why professional advice makes sense. Turkish real estate law has many differences from German law. In Turkey real estate can be legally transferred only in the land registry (tapu dairesi) before the land registry officer (tapu memuru). Only after signing the officially prepared deed (resmi senet) you are the owner.

Therefore, one does not go to a notary in Turkey to sign a contract of sale! Before buying a property in Turkey, it makes sense to clarify whether the contractor is the owner in the land register, whether the building in the land register