Real Estate Transfer Tax

For the purchase of a property must be paid a one-time transfer tax of 4 %. That amount depends on the value to be entered, and on the location of the object.
Annual property tax

Residential buildings: 0.1%

Geschaeftshaeuser: 0.2%

Undeveloped land: 0.1%

Developed land: 0.3%

each from the public, the taxable value of the property.

New system for the taxation of rental income
Since 1 March 2012 attacks in Turkey a new system for the taxation of rental income for all leases are now recorded electronically. So then the owner must submit tax returns to the tax office. If they do not, the assumed rental income are estimated by the tax officials, they go in this case from normal tenancies and draw 25% from the costs. The remaining amount is subject to income tax, which are at an annual income up to 9200 TL  with 15%, beyond taxed at 35%. (Source: Cleo magazine - Issue March 2012)